Does TV Advertising Cost So Much?

Why Does TV Promotion Cost So Much?

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work? In the event you’re honest, you almost certainly switch in the TV (although if you have children home from school the TV is likely on). We have been endlessly entertained by the TV industry that was rapidly evolving, since black and white images first beamed into our living rooms. And with ever more creative TV advertisements, businesses have been vying for attention since the initial broadcast. TVs are the most pervasive apparatus in the house, which makes television advertising the most popular medium, despite the infamously high advertising costs.

But why is it so expensive?

For starters, you need to hire an advertising agency. Advertising agencies make it their business to know the minutiae which make ads work; such as viewership for special channels at special times. Agencies do not come cheap, but if you want to get your advertising campaign the cost is worth it.

You will still have to hire some professionals if you don’t fancy relinquishing total control to a service. For instance, you’ll want a director, actors, cameramen, light technicians plus a script writer. Then there are other pesky details, including sorting clothing and accessories out and hiring the venue and caterers. It’s also recommended to get some input from somebody who understands what is and isn’t let in an ad; all the legal ramifications. It’s possible for you to see the costs escalating (and most people pick an advertising agency or media buyer, as all this is contained in the fee).

Then there is the small matter of purchasing airtime. Based on an article on, the price of your TV advertising campaign depends on two things: the viewership of the programme and the timeslot. Prime time advertisements, which can be anywhere between 23:00 and 18:00 (a lot is contingent on the station), will cost more than advertisements during the middle of the day. But you might be suited by midday slots, particularly when you are targeting the retired age bracket or stay-at-home mothers. Marketing during high profile events, such as sports world cups, will even cost you during routine viewing.

Finally, your budget must stretch to multiple viewings. No TV advertisement, no matter how nicely produced, is effective if it’s only aired once. Marketing pros say that folks need to see an advertisement between seven and five times for it to get their Eclectic Motion proper focus. But while ads are on because people don’t constantly focus, you’ll need to run it between four and three times a day for several days (read weeks) for it to work.

TV marketing certainly has its advantages, but unless you are able to afford a lengthy campaign the costs will outweigh the returns.